Scrum Quality Assurance

            Given that we are working in a Scrum team in our Software Development capstone and that we got ample practice with the Scrum in our Software Project Management course, I thought it would be interesting to see the crossover between quality assurance and the Scrum workflow. Scrum is also widely used, so this should be important to know for the future as well. I found this article: which talks about the role of quality assurance on a Scrum team.

            It’s important to remember that the members of a development team do not have pre-defined roles. It’s assumed each member of the team can collaborate with any part of a project, even if certain members have more specialization in certain areas, like product testing in this case. With that in mind, it makes the Definition of Done all the more important. Requirements for testing should be documented and understood by the development team and the product owner. This prevents conflicts during the sprint review if the development team thinks something like compatibility testing needs more work and the product owner is ready to deploy. If there is a more comprehensive Definition of Done, these conflicts are avoided since they would have been discussed ahead of time.

            Quality assurance on a Scrum team is a large part of the process and requirements are developed during sprint planning. It’s important that there is close collaboration during the sprint between the development team and the product owner though, even though the development team is delegated most of the decision-making responsibility for how work will be completed. This keeps the whole team in tune and avoids conflict. It also provides for a closer, more efficient work environment as understanding is enhanced throughout the team and the owner.

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