Sprint 1 Retrospective


This was easily accomplished by everyone. This was learning the issue board.


This was us choosing a Scrum master. We decided on Tim Drevitch.


This was our review of the LibreFoodPantry website which was to get an idea of LFP.


This was creating the requirements for the GuestInfo EventSystem, in which I linked resources and described the requirements.


This was the most time-intensive task. I linked multiple tutorials for Vue.js, all of which I completed. This encompassed most of the first two weeks of the sprint for me.


This is the repository I made which contains all of the simple examples we created for small Vue.js, Express, and MongoDB applications to pull from.





These 3 activities are encompassed in the GuestInfoSystem section of Thea’s Pantry. There is a repository for frontend and backend work. It has basic files for each which is taken from the WNE example.


This is created a sample Vue.js project, which is on the example work repository.

            Overall, I think we worked quite well as a group, and I would attribute a good deal of it to how well our sprint planning went. We were thorough in going through topics which we felt we needed to cover and created individual cards for everything so that all of our tasks were tangible. Furthermore, we were fair in our division of labor and honesty in what we wanted to do while still taking on enough responsibility as individuals to support the team as a whole. What worked well towards the end of the sprint was also when we focused on what we hadn’t yet finished and allotted the work evenly. Not only this, but we had also made enough progress that I found it to be helpful to have a sort of progress report session in class. We were going through with our Scrum meetings daily, but it was more in-depth, and we were able to articulate what we had done and where our progress was taking us. This was very helpful and perhaps we could incorporate this into our Scrum meetings, allowing us to have a better stream of communication.

            There weren’t many things that didn’t go well for us, but a few include some lacking communication at times and a lack of due dates. As I articulated previously, I was only able to notice any lacking communication when we did communicate better. It wasn’t that our communication was impeding our progress, but it definitely helped to have a clearer picture of the project as a whole when each of us was clearer about our individual progress. As far as a lack of due dates, we became a little rushed towards the end of the sprint since we spent a little too much time completing our learning tasks. If we set limits on these tasks, because they were more open ended, we could have gotten some of our more rushed late sprint activities done faster.

            As far as changes to be made as a team, I would focus on making the changes I stated previously. To get better communication, we should make better use of the cards on the GitLab issue board. Each card should have documentation of information learned and progress made it on it. This makes it much easier for everyone to read the cards instead of having to check Discord or wait for the in-class meetings. Also, we should start putting due dates on the cards for our own sake. This would keep us on track better.

            Individually, I should plan out my time more. I was feeling lost with Vue.js so I spent a lot of time on it. I got into stuff that, later on into the sprint, I found out that I didn’t even need. I need to be better at setting due dates and creating more incremental tasks. I took a couple longer tasks and rather than breaking them down, would try to accomplish a couple things at once which could have been subdivided. This, along with better documentation on the GitLab cards, should put me in a better spot for success in the next sprint.

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