I am Marcos Felipe, a Computer Science student preparing for the professional world, and this is my place to learn, record, and share all that I can.

MongoDB and NoSQL Databases

            In our practice with REST API backends, multiple times we ran into MongoDB usage, as the database we were using for the API was MongoDB. My only previous experience had been SQL/SQLite, so I wanted to know what the difference was. I came to find out there is a world of difference, in fact MongoDBContinue reading “MongoDB and NoSQL Databases”

Learning JavaScript

As my interest in learning Javascript grows, I have started to try and strategize how I should go about learning it. I have heard of several JavaScript frameworks, so I was wondering if I should start with one like Angular, Vue, Ember, or something, and in my research I found a blog post by Francois-XavierContinue reading “Learning JavaScript”

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